Middle East ELevator Corporation founded in 2012, based on Istanbul. Our company provides sale services of elevator parts with reliability, high quality and optimistic price according to customer demands.

          Our company producing cabin, cabin frame, counterweight frame, electrical cabinet, control cabinet, interior semi-automatic doors, full automatic doors, semi-automatic doors, buffers, pit ladders, skirt sheets, seperators, covering sheets under control of experinced engineers.

          Regarding with the other products like motors, guide rails, cabin and landing push buttons, overspeed governers, ropes etc. we can supply according to customer demands. We are commiting whole package of elevator systems to our customers.

          Besides manufacturing process we can also support our precious customers with Elevators Design, Shaft Layouts, Project Support, Engineering Calculations

          Through the advantages of our wide product range, we are able to manufacture/supply elevator parts in accordance with standards that our customer wish to meet (EN81-20/50, EN81-80 or EN81-1/2 + A3). We are delivering manufactured/supplied elevator parts with a suitable packaging after a  hard control process by our expert teams to delivery adress which stated in contract. We are committed to providing of high quality elevator components to our customers with a purchasing power confidence which is ensured by our qualified solution partners. This is a result of continuity of our orders due to the satisfaction of our customers.

          We feel the the pulse of the global elevator market by attending to international fairs with our open minded, young and dinamic elevator team.

          Our company keeps internal communication and along with the productivity at the highest level with ISO-9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

          Show respect to enviroment with ISO 14001:2015 (The Environmental Management System

          Taking care of staff with OHSAS 18001:2007 (The Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

          Customer satisfaction with ISO 10002:2004 (The customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System)

          We are taking big steps forward to become a bigger family with new customers from international market, besides the satified customers who has been working with us continously.