Passenger Lifts

Decorative Cabins

Purpose of the Pessenger Lift’s is to carry people in Residencial Buildings, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls etc.Their capacity could be from 320 kg to 1600 kg. For disable elevators capacity should be minimum 630 kg and the door should be minimum 800 mm in order to create an empty space for invalid chair users. Velocity of the elevators could be from 0,40 m/s to 10 m/s.

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Hospital, Strecther, Service & Load Lifts

An Elevator of Duty

Elevators which serve different demands. There can be vary differences from a passenger elevator.Velocity and capacity depends on intended use and purpose.

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Car Elevators & Car Platforms

Best solution for parking problem

Car Elevators & Car Platforms design according to shaft dimensions specially for car necessities. This type of elevators solve parking slot problem. Capacity gap is generally between 2.500 kg – 5.000 kg and standard velocity between 0,10 m/s – 0,25 m/s

4 WEEKS / EXW Delivery